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Allendale House
Our Historic Building

Allendale House is a fine Georgian building in the middle of the market town of Wimborne Minster.  It has been home to East Dorset Heritage Trust since 2001 when the Trust moved from Market House in the Cornmarket.

Allendale House

Sir Jeffrey Wyatville originally designed Allendale House in 1823 as a family home for the Castleman family. William Castleman was a Steward to the Hanham Estate. His eldest son, Edward, became a Steward to the Bankes Estate while his youngest son, Charles, successfully campaigned to bring the railway to Wimborne.

Allendale House 1932

Allendale House then passed through several hands before becoming first Miss Susie Funnell's School for Young Ladies then Wimborne High School for Girls.


The building was purchased by Wimborne Urban District Council in 1939 as the Civic Centre. It remained so until the reorganisation of the local authorities in 1974.There then followed a succession of businesses.

When the House became empty at the turn of the Twentieth Century, the Trust moved in and returned the building to community use.