Evening with Cheyenne Webb – Spiritual Medium 

Tickets £12.50 with refreshments.

Friday 20th October at 7.30pm

Course 1 : An evening with Cheyenne Webb Spiritual Medium

Come and join us for an evening of Mediumship here at Allendale House!

Cheyenne is a natural- born Medium from a small village in Somerset. She has Romany ancestry which goes back four generations, and her gift has allowed her to learn and share her craft as a Medium.

“I have always been connected to spirit and throughout my life I have always embraced the spirit vibration while learning, understanding, and sharing to the best of my ability, to bring love and peace of mind from your loved ones. As I’ve got older, my family have given me the confidence to share this gift and I am now able to open my heart and share my gift with everyone.”

Course Date:

Friday 20th October at 7.30pm                              


Cheyenne Webb





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