Writing Courses 

Tutor: John Jenkins

5 Week Course – £60 per course.

8 Week Course – £96 per course.

Poetry Appreciation – NEW!

Tutor: Johnnie Young

10 Week Course – £160 per course.

Course 1 : Writing for Pleasure

Have you always wanted to write? Now is your chance!

Whether you want to write your life story, develop a useful second income or graduate to a full-time occupation as a feature writer and author of fiction, this course will encourage you to get started and answer the basics of the craft. The sessions will include everything you need to know about writing and help give it a professional polish. No previous experience required.

Course Dates:

Monday 15th April to 20th May (with Bank holiday on 6th May and half term break on 27th May) and 3rd June to 22nd July, 10am to 12pm

These courses are consecutive and can be paid for together if preferred.

Course 2 : Poetry Appreciation - Tutor Johnnie Young

Do you love great poetry? This is the course for you. It is designed to look at the work of ten great poets drawn from a range of periods in English Literature. Although this course follows on from the previous course, it offers an independent new course designed to heighten appreciation of the poetry to inspire further exploration. Five of the poets to be explored are John Keats, Emily Dickinson, William Butler Yeats, TS Elliot and Philip Larkin plus John Clare, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Christina Rossetti and RS Thomas together with a rich treasury of extracts from many other great poets.

Course Dates:

Thursday 2nd May to Thursday 11th July (with half-term break on 30th May). – 9.45am to 12pm (with 15 minute break)

Ten Week Course £160.00

John Jenkins


John has been teaching creative writing in its various forms here at Allendale House for more than 10 years. His vast experience and knowledge has helped many local people publish their own work.

Johnnie Young


Johnnie joined us in January 2024. He is a published Bloomsbury Educational author with many years of experience teaching English Literature.

His enthusiasm is infectious as he brings his subject matter to life. Learning with Johnnie is active and fun.

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